Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Sky win four of six Premier League packages from 2010-2013

Sky have won 4 packages so far of the next round of bidding rights, with the other packages going to a second round of bids.

Details of prices or which packages have yet to be announced, and won't be until all 6 packages have been awarded, but it is likely Sky have won the rights to the packages they already hold. Sky can win one more package under EU legislation.

There is the possibility that live rights could become even more fragmented with ESPN rumoured to be interested in bidding.

Personally, I don't think Sky will win, or even go for any more packages. One package isn't enough for a PPV package, which by all accounts lost Sky money, and an extra package on the subscription channels doesn't make financial sense, as the outlay will not be recouped in extra subscriptions. Unless of course, Sky try to win another package in an attempt to run Setanta out of business.

All very interesting, especially to see how much has been paid. This could be the first time the cost of rights has not risen significantly since the last round of bidding - the BBC have held highlights rights for the same price as last time (effectively cheaper given inflation), plus MOTD2 will now be on the iplayer the Tuesday after broadcast (presumably so other outlets retain some kind of exclusivity for a period of time).

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