Sunday, 10 August 2008

Adams Park, Wycombe Wanderers, 9 August 2008

We went to Wycombe on 9th August for the first match of the 2008-9 season. Usually a time for short sleeves, there was a definite need for a raincoat and umbrella - cold and wet was the order of the day.

We arrived at the ground at about 1.45pm. We'd parked down a residential street before you get to the industrial estate where the ground is situated. We'd read posts on the net about it being difficult to get away after the match if you park there, and the residential street was free! Need to be careful where you park though - there are single yellow lines, with signs that look like they can be put in place to restrict parking, but I think this might only be for big matches or when Wasps are playing at Adams Park.

When we where arrived, we were ushered into the away fans entrance, had our bags searched by some friendly stewards, paid our admission (reserved seating - £18 though, ouch) and then greeted by a friendly steward inside who directed us to the toilets.

The ground is quite big and modern - think the capacity is 10,000. There is one set of terracing for home fans behind one goal, and the other sides are seated, with one double tiered stand along one side of the pitch with plenty of corporate boxes. The away end where we were sat had a good view of the pitch, which you would expect (or even demand!) for £18 admission.

The ground and facilities were very clean. We didn't buy any food from the stalls, but usual burger, pies, chips and sauage roll fare was available for standard football ground prices. If you are after sweets, there is a vending machine near the catering booth that sells chocolate bars for 50p, which is very reasonable.

The match day "experience" is very professional - they have a video screen (I guess needed for the rugby), which they make use of to play videos and conduct interviews on the pitch before the match. The PA system is very loud! A strange choice of music in my opinion - the team comes out to "Sunburn" by Muse (I don't want you to adore me, I want you to ignore me!). But, if you so choose, you can watch the match on the screen. Replays of shots and goals are also shown - useful to watch the replay of Wycombe's 25 yard screamer that caught us somewhat unaware!

All in all, a very pleasant, if unoriginal ground. Our parking place afforded us a quick exit from the area around the ground and back to the motorway. There's nothing that would make me rush back to the ground, especially at the price they charge for admission, but there is also little to criticise the club about.

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