Saturday, 16 August 2008

The rest of this week's viewing

Haven't watched anything specific in the last few days.

On Wednesday, I half-watched Twente vs Arsenal on Setanta whilst I was listening to Morecambe being comprehensively out-played in the Carling Cup at Nottingham Forest. Twente seemed completely average, and Arsenal won the match without playing particularly well. Also flicked onto Liege vs Liverpool, missed the penalty save though. Liverpool must be disappointed with there performance in that match, but should comfortably win the return leg, though if Liege were to score first it would be very interesting - can't see that happening though.

On Thursday, watched a little of Aston Villa's match in Iceland, as well as dipping into Manchester City's match. The City match was interesting, they really struggled (although they didn't struggle against the Faroese side in the previous round, they were far from dominant) and missing out on qualification for the first round proper must be a real worry. Grave concerns for Mark Hughes there. Villa on the other hand already have one foot and most of the rest of their body in the pot for the first round.

Last night, watched most of the first half of the Bundesliga opener between Bayern and Hamburg. Was a good open match, Bayern opening the scoring with a screamer from Schiensteiger, before a soft penalty put them two up. Hamburg scored after about half and hour, and went on to level the score in the second half, which I missed as I was watching something else. I missed most of the opening ceremony (Premier League, are you watching? It was great, people zipping round in little motorised pods waving flags and fireworks going off) as I was on the phone with three arguing about changes to my mobile phone contract. Ho hum.

Off to Christie this afternoon for the first home match of the season against Rotherham, will most likely take in one of the Premier League matches today as well. West Brom vs Arsenal sounds more appealing than Sunderland vs Liverpool. Beyond that, haven't really looked at the fixtures to commit to anything.

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