Monday, 11 August 2008

Community Shield 2008

Enjoyed the Community Shield on Setanta. Can't comment on the presentation other than the match, as I tend not to watch those parts, but the match itself was an enjoyable, if rather tame affair - I don't think either team where giving 100%. I think both teams wanted to win though, which is why I think Man Utd didn't bring on some of their young players that where on the bench. Had they gone in front, I would have expected some of them to come on near the end.

I enjoyed Jon Champion's commentary, I think he's possibly my favourite commentator. Craig Burley was fairly annoying though - constant criticism of the new "Respect" programme, citing how it would disrupt the flow of the game. Personally, I think it's great that players will get booked for bawling their heads off at the referee of his assistants, and would go so far as to question the intelligence of anyone who thought it was a bad thing. Yes, referees make mistakes, but so do players. The alternatives, such as a referee watching a live feed of the broadcast and making decisions I think would disrupt the flow even more.

Anyway, it's a shame there weren't more goals (or any goals for that matter!), but a decent showing from Setanta in my opinion.

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