Sunday, 3 August 2008

Why Hello...

After becoming tired with the drudgery of the English Premier League, I've decided to start watching other leagues more regularly. A satellite dish pointed at European satellites, a subscription to a foreign sports service, and a combination of internet streams will allow me to watch French, German, Italian, Greek, Albanian, Russian, Moroccan, Egyptian, Japanese, Chinese and Brazilian leagues amongst others. I'm planning on watching at least one different league each weekend, regardless of the level of the league, or even the league within the country!

I believe that watching football is as much about various footballing cultures and styles of football as it is about just sitting back and consuming the “best league in the world", which is so often predictable and devoid of entertainment, not losing being more important than winning, such is the meagre total of points that it is possible to stay in the English top flight with.

Listening: Orpheus (Ash).

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