Sunday, 17 August 2008

Man Utd 1 - 1 Newcastle Utd, 17 August 2008

After the great football in the Chelsea - Pompey game earlier, this was a disappointing follow-up. United were missing several players, notably Tevez through a family bereavment and Ronaldo through injury, and it showed as they struggled to create chances, and struggled to take chances.

Gone was the free-flowing football from last season, and it was replaced with a staccato stop-start performance through of mistakes, which made play disjointed and fairly dull to watch.

For me, if United don't sign Berbatov or another striker, they won't win the league again this season - whilst their attacking players are very good, there are too few of them - Scholes and Giggs are showing their age, Saha is constantly crocked and Campbell shows promise but is still very much learning his trade, leaving the mantle to Tevez, Rooney and Ronaldo to lead the attack. United were fortunate with injuries last season, but it would be surprising if they rode their luck in such a way again this season.

It's only the first match of the season, and with Tevez and Ronaldo to come back, it it shouldn't be panic stations yet, but they must keep up with Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea until Ronaldo comes back.

Matches so far this season:
Sky: 4
Setanta: 3
Foreign Satellite: 2

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